Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So whaddya do...

when you have no new pictures to post? I guess you just write something anyway.

I have avoided posting anything new, since I haven't taken any pictures, but I guess that doesn't quite keep up my end of the blogging promise. So what has been happening since last I blogged?

I got my baby girl back from Grammy and Grandpa's house. Katie had gone down to Austin help Grandpa at the Retired Dog hot dog stand for week. She needed to earn the last of her money for her year of texting. (We actually MAKE her pay for the texting plan on our phones a year in advance...aren't we mean?) I didn't realize how much I missed her until she came home. She is such a fine young woman, helpful and responsible. I supposed this came of having to help me so much when Daddy is deployed, but whatever the reason, I am so grateful for her.

Summer school is officially over for me!! Woo Hoo! This summer I took two classes, Politics and Film and Politics and Music. I enjoyed the latter much better than the former. Somehow the music class really jived with the way that I was brought up. I coulda done without the film class. But at least I made As in both of them!

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The Sperry Blog said...

I am waiting for the Hawaii blog! :)