Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally cool enough for the pool!

Who ever thought they would hear someone say that in the dead of summer? Well, since it has been so dang hot we have avoided any outdoor activity like slugs. But today the cold front moved in and dropped our boiling Oklahoma temperatures down to the mid 90s! So a trip to the pool was a must!

I promised the kids that if they took a nap (oh and slept) that we would go this afternoon. They did exactly as I asked and because it was beautiful out, I had to pay we got ready and got in the van. See their smiling happy they are to finally be going to the pool?!?

We drove happily to the base pool with only swimming on our minds...only to be blindsided with this:

The storm was complete with golf-ball sized hail and 75mph winds! What is up with that? Isn't this summer vacation?

Needless to say we had some sad going home faces...

We managed to outrun the storm and got home safe and dry, the skies cleared and it was nice again.

We must live in Oklahoma!

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