Saturday, July 11, 2009

37 Candles Make A LOT of Smoke!

Today is John's 37th birthday. He loves the fact that for 3 months of the year he can say he married an older woman. I love that for the rest of the year he has to admit we are the same age. My little secret revenge!

This weekend, my parents and Isabella were here to share it with John.

We started out the day by making his favorite meal (enchiladas) and his requested snickerdoodles!

The kids each had to make their own crazy cookie face to get a cookie! As you can see, they did a GREAT job!

Everyone really enjoyed them.

We even made a batch full of M&Ms for the littlest ones! (a REAL hit!)

John got his favorite cake...a Boston Creme pie. It wasn't as good as my homemade one...but it did the job.

He had trick candles, but eventually managed to huff and puff them all out! 37 candles make a LOT of smoke!

But even though we might need a fire extinguisher before next year's birthday festivities, we hope you have a GREAT year Daddy!

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