Saturday, December 5, 2009

Way to go Skittles!

Emma-Rose's volleyball league ended today. They had their official awards ceremony and I am proud to say that the Skittles got 3rd place in their age group!! Yay!

In these pictures she is posing with her volleyball buddy Briana. They are quite a hoot together. Both girls have such a passion for the game. Briana's mom, Melissa is their coach.

I am so proud of Emma-Rose and the effort that she has put forth to become a better volleyball player! She is amazing to me! She got interested in volleyball because Katie played for her junior high school. But she stays playing because she is good at it and she loves it! She is a great server and is starting to work on her overhand serve. She is also a good setter. She is not great at the net, but that could be because she is only 4'11"!

Congratulations Skittles!

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