Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Papa's Surprise

Papa was very anxious for us to get the decorating finished. He had a big surprise for us and it was happening at 4:00pm! No one knew what it was but everyone was excited!

The tree was finally decorated.

And then the door opened...and with a hearty "HO! HO! HO!" Santa walked into Papa's house!

The kids were so surprised...even Katie. Santa himself was in their house! He sat in the chair which had been mysteriously placed in just teh right spot for lap sitting. Each of us took a turn sitting on Santa's lap and talking to him. Katie asked him for an iTouch, Emma-Rose asked for a TV, Sam asked for Devastator. He made no promises but thanked them all fro being good this year.

The adults even took a turn on his lap. I told him the kids had been good all year and had done well in school. John told Santa he was a kid at heart and still wanted Star Wars toys as gifts. Papa told him that he was grateful that his whole family was home for Christmas.

I remember when I was a young child and Santa visted my sister and brother and me. It is as vivid today as when it happened. Through the eyes of a child we can see things with pure joy. I am so happy that my children had this same experience. I know they will remember it when their own children get their visit from Santa!

Memories is what it is all about and I love that my little family can make so many of them together!

Thank you Papa for allowing us to make this one!

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Patsy said...

That was awesome!