Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

DISCLAIMER:So I haven't followed through with my last promise to keep up with the blogging and rather than a long catch up post, you are going to get a few shorter posts that will briefly tell you what we have been doing. And again I promise to be better at it that I have been! (And oh yeah I am totally changing the dates to make myself look better!)

Happy Father's Day, John!

We hope you had a great day! Just a selfish moment...I wanna tell you how much I love my sweetheart! He is amazing. He works so hard for our family. He sometimes does the things around the house that I want/need him to do, LOL. But he is my best friend. I love to spend time just hanging out with him. He is a great father and the kids love to do the Daddy stuff with him. Everyday he tells me he loves me and I am sure that I don't tell him nearly enough how much I love him and proud I am of him. I love you.

Anyways, I digress. For Father's Day, we grilled some chicken and hung out at home.

John got a griddle from the kids, which means lots of pancakes and french toast in our future! He is truly the master of those meals! He loves it!

We love you John!

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