Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome to my crazy life!

I know, I know...I am always the last one to do anything. But here I am at last with my own blog. What exactly do you talk about in your own blog...surely nothing I say can be as engaging as anything anyone else says. And yet I type...

I took my Astronomy final today! Phew I am so glad that is over with! I got an A in the class, although I am convinced that it was a total I fluke. I studied my a** off but I have never done so well in a class in my life! Now all I have to do is to write a paper on Othello for my Literature class. Ick. I really can't stand Shakespeare. Can't I just appreciate him from afar?

Tonight we went to my kids favorite place to eat out...Sam's Club...where else can you get a slice of pizza and a coke for $2.48? I can feed my family for less than I can put gas in my minivan! Can't beat that!

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